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 Arrow Technical Services is registered manufacturing and import/ export firm for chemicals, petroleum products and construction materials. We also specialise in the field of providing Electro-mechanical services (O&M, R&M and SITC) for Marine & Shore properties. The company was established in the year 2010. We cater to both domestics and international markets, while; the main focus for the domestic market is on construction materials, civil and electro-mechanical construction projects, import of petroleum/ petrochemical products and Information Technology.


The company's capabilities include the supply of chemicals and services to the Oil & Gas, Desalination Plants, Mining Industry, Power Generation, Chemical and Petrochemical industries and for water and wastewater treatment applications. We also have the capability to cater to the IT industry, Plastic, Paper & Pulp and Food Processing industries.


We are always interested in developing good business relations, offering best quality materials with the quality of packing, easy handling etc. We value integrity, honesty and transparency in all our projects and contract.


We offer customized solutions to every project—solutions that deliver the right blend of people, technology, operational processes, and when necessary, relationships with strategic vendors.


We have developed our core competence in facilitating the import and export of high-quality chemicals, petrochemicals and mineral products to meet the requirements of our domestic & foreign customers.


​​We provide technical solutions to clients in the Engineering Industries  viz :

Oil & Gas || Power & Utilities || Renewable || Rail || Construction || Mining.

We provide and cater to the Information Technology related industries with our following services and products:

  • Hardware and Software related to the IT industry

  • We are well versed and deal with CISCO products like switches, dongles, Wi-Fi routers, WAN acceleration hardware etc

  • Ethernet Cables

  • Network Bridges

  • ISDN Thermal Adapters


ATS associates, engineers, experts, consultants and other support staff form the basis of our growing company. They have handsome knowledge of the industrial application of chemicals and other products worldwide.

total quality management

Arrow Technical Services is synonymous with Quality and we will continue to improve our systems, products and services to ensure total customer satisfaction.


A dedicated, loyal and committed work force is our main asset. Our well-

the trained and dynamic sales team will continue to look for markets that promise future growth and work in partnership with customers to improve our mutual well-being and prosperity.


With a winning combination of ‘Market Focus-doing the right things’ and ‘Quality-doing things right’ we aim to be recognized as a reliable supplier of quality products and services which consistently meet our customer’s evolving needs.


We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality possible in our domain to

meet the requirement of our clients.


Arrow Technical Services management team comprises of qualified and experienced professionals. Our management philosophy is qualitative, personalized services to our customers. This translates into the transparency of information, enabling customers to take the right decisions, cost-conscious yet safe measures, honesty and integrity in safeguarding customer's interests and

prompt service 24x7.

key to success

  • A high level of quality in its products and services.


  • Maintaining and growing its referral networks to generate new and repeat sales.


  • Investments in continuous sales & marketing efforts, partnering with world-class construction companies.


  • Improving efficiencies of operations.


  • Backed by the state-of-the-art equipment and machinery.


  • Expert backup: Provide technical and expert backup to our customers in case of emergencies, spill over and waste handling.


  • Reputation: Unparalleled credibility integrity and dedication.

mission statement

To serve our customers in a professional, ethical and transparent manner by incorporating and retaining value-based systems in technology and human resources, with trustworthy expertise in infrastructure and related fields.


We strive to provide our industrial and municipal clients value-added products and services through best practices & methodologies that will ensure environmental sustainability, world-class quality, technology, timely delivery and cost effectiveness.... value & integrity above all.

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